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Alphaworks is a start-up platform that unites faith and business. We advise founders and train entrepreneurs for maximum impact. Our unique model integrates financial sustainability, social good, and faith impact. We are setting out to network 1,000 businesses, launch 100 founders, and leverage $10 million for the benefit of our companies by 2030. Get in touch to learn more!


We are a network of advisors who have walked the path of entrepreneurship before. We are here to guide you, to help you get funded, and to support you in your calling. In this way, we believe we are an extension of your church.

Are you longing to find a way to express your faith through your work? Think you have some entrepreneurial leanings, but not sure how to get started? Have a desire to solve real-world problems in a faith-centered way, all while earning enough to support you and and your family?


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Alphaworks partners with most of the nation's angel and venture capital investors. Our partners offer numerous investment options tailored to founders' needs and investors' goals -- equity, royalty-based, lending, and real estate. By guaranteeing Alphaworks advising for founders funded through our network, we increase the likelihood of return on financial investment, social good, and faith impact.

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